Wild-caught and sustainable, straight from the source: Alaska's pristine waters.

We catch and prepare various types of salmon to deliver a range of flavors that best highlight the versatility and deliciousness of “Alaska’s Red Gold.” We recommend ordering a variety of fish to sample the possibilities!

The Best Wild Alaskan Salmon

As both the fishermen and the sellers, we are able to ensure top quality of our catch every step of the way, from the ocean to your plate. We are proud of our fish and want you to love each bite as much as we do!


Our fresh-frozen salmon is filleted, vacuum-packed, and flash frozen within hours of leaving the water.  Our processing allows us to preserve the superior quality of wild Alaskan salmon in the most effective way possible.  We offer both Sockeye Salmon (deep red in color, considered the classic Wild Alaskan Salmon) and Coho Salmon (milder in taste than Sockeye and ideal for the grill).  Our fresh-frozen salmon is available in whole filets or one pound portions for easy weeknight meals.



Our smoked salmon is smoked by a master of the art in Alaska and is loved by all who have had the fortune to try it! Our smoked salmon offering includes smoked Keta Salmon (our new favorite), smoked Coho (a perennial classic).

We also offer smoked salmon bellies, which are absolutely delicious and are usually snatched up as soon as we offer them - so be sure to order yours fast!


Responsibly Sourced

As fishermen, there is nothing we treasure more than the waters that are home to our primary food source and livelihood, our salmon. That’s why we donate 20% of proceeds from sales of our t-shirts to Cook InletKeeper, an Alaskan non-profit dedicated to protecting the thriving habitat of our home waters. Your purchase directly supports the preservation and health of Alaska’s salmon.