Ramo Fisheries was started by us, Benson and Colman, two brothers who grew up fishing in Alaska aboard our family-run fishing boat the F/V Omar. We have spent our summers fishing for salmon for over twenty years now - practically our whole lives - and are proud to share the beautiful salmon we catch in the bountiful waters of Cook Inlet!


We love what we do so much that we’re making it our mission to deliver sustainable seafood direct from our boat to our neighbors in the Greater DC Metro Area and across the country.


A few years ago, we brought our friend Elias up to Alaska for the summer and once he saw the beauty in fishing he was hooked. Now, all three of us participate in all aspects of our business, from fishing in the pristine Alaskan waters, to giving tastings of our salmon products at local markets, to meeting and talking with our customers.


When it’s not fishing season, we call Takoma Park, Maryland (the Greater DC Metro Area) home. We can’t wait to share the healthiest, most delicious seafood in the world with you!

OUR MOTTO: Eat Wild, Be Well!








In the early years, we (Colman and Benson) would stay on land during rough weather fishing and needed something to occupy our energy and desire for adventure. From this, our love of the Ramo was born.

The Ramo was the tiny skiff we used as a shuttle to drive the family from dock to moored boat. However, it soon turned into our vehicle of exploration and adventure. We rowed, floated and zoomed for entire days along the wonderful and winding Kasilof River, which feeds into Cook Inlet.

For us, the Ramo is an iconic image of how much fun can be shared in life.The Ramo is alive and well today and still providing adventures and excitement to any who board - though not too many people! The Ramo only holds two grown folks safely.


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